• 3 Clown Final22by14

    Lyrical Seduction

  • Inviting the Audience Into the Artists World

  • Society is Corporate Power

  • Images that have lyrical quality, transporting and inviting the audience into the artists world

  • The people of this world say Beauty lies within

  • Seduce.

  • 3 Clown Final22by14
  • To be a creative photographer

    To ravish peoples senses, provoke reaction, understanding subjectivity from different onlookers.

    To have the ability to create images that take flight from reality to stop people in their tracks.Passionate on delivering briefs with added observer seduction.

  • Lisa Lloyd Photography Values

    A promise to bring a little bit of English quirky eccentricity and panache to clients images.
    Provide consultation on how to use strong imagery to promote a business or brand.
    Provide quality, well thought-out imagery for online and print promotions.
    Provide a high quality professional service to every company large or small.
    Driven to capture the essence of any brief given.
  • Happy Ever After

    If you keep believing in the prince charming that one day will whisk you off your feet, your dream will become true.

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About Lisa Lloyd

The creative process is what Lisa lives for. Nothing makes her soul sing more than delivering imagery that you’ll love.

Having a comprehensive understanding of marketing/branding messages through imagery, not only to match words but delivering the right messages. Lisa’s team professionally consults clients pursuing photographic imagery strategies for different companies off and online presence to deliver their brand properly.

Lisa Lloyd Photography is very organised with their approach to deadlines, and takes into consideration budgetary constraints to the point of creating sets and costumes with Lisa’s team for her unique style.

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Fashion Dec2012
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Paper Doll

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Once in a while right in the middle of our ordinary lives,
love gives us a fairytale

Lisa Lloyds' Achievements

Lisa Lloyd is now a UK based international multi-award-winning photographer who is naturally creative bringing an English eccentricity and panache to her unique thought provoking signature imagery.

Category: Illustrative

Award: Gold

Final Score: 88

Description: An Artistic Commercial illustrative image Lisa Lloyd created
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Category: Illustrative

Award: Silver

Final Score: 85 

Description: Silver Award for a Fashion illustrative created
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Category: Commercial, Advertising and Fashion

Award: Bronze

Final Score: 81

Description: View image information

Mother Earth EcoFilm Festival 2013


'Mother Earth' eco Film won 4th Place in the Cannes Film festival 2013. Then again nominated as one of the top Eco short films at Cannes Film Fesitval 2014

Lisa Lloyd was the director of photography which gave the film a unique visual identity, and look. Contributing not only artistically but also helped writing the script.

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