The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd


Picture-Taking Workflow Hints

Now you're ready to shoot. Here are some tips that will help you optimize your shooting time.

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What I have lived by so far….Part 1

We can all take control of our lives and succeed. Life does not come with a manual, I wish it did but?. Most people struggle through life and wonder why they never get anywhere, there are no hard fasten rules written any where in the stars, but on the contrary maybe in your heart but you are not following it?

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Photographic Inspiration

Collage Your Heart Out

Collage your heart our

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Steps for Preparing for a Shoot

Digital photography is such a relatively new art that most of us, whether professionals or amateurs, have been adopting in helter-skelter fashion. Experiment follows experiment until we're temporarily satisfied with the results. Six months (or six days) later, we become aware of a new procedure, or some facet of the technology changes, and we begin making more and different changes to our ever-growing library of pictures.

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One thing I have learnt overtime that the most important part of my kit, which is probably overlooked by many photographers is shoes. None of us look after our feet enough. That goes for men too! We go through allsorts, literally, in our soles.

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