The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd


Photographic Inspiration

Ugly Is Pretty, Bad Is Good

Stop trying to make your models into glamazons all the time. Let them be themselves, unruly, imperfect and human. The fantasy of fashion is wonderful, but sometimes simplicity and imperfection is refreshing. Try a shoot with no makeup and hair styling. Better yet, try using intentionally ugly clothing.

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Is assisting a farse

Is being a photographer assistant a bad choice?

Are you an enthusiast? Are you still soul searching?? Are you not confident in your own work and abilities? It is a unique questions to ask you self.

Do you want to pick up habits that are not necessary correct? Do you want to deal with other people’s clients and expectations? Don’t you want your own clients?

Don’t get me wrong assisting isn’t bad but it might not necessarily match your needs and teach you how to correctly shoot. Other objectives to why you want to assist no matter how well intentioned, it is futile.

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“Yes, back it all up!!”

I have said this time after time to students, other professionals and enthusiasts after it happening to me some time ago.

So, with that in mind, I figure I’d share our studio’s backup protocol. This post is long and is directed at photographers, videographers, or creative studios and is NOT for the weak of heart. It’s not like most of the snipits I like to post, however I think it’s important and there’s not much info out there for those of us who need powerful backup solutions. While no backup solution is perfect, you need to develop a system that stands up to the rigors of your business, so here’s to sharing for anyone that cares about this stuff…

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Work Flow in General

In the traditional darkroom workflow is critical. Without paying attention to proper formula, temperature, exposure and sequence creating a predictable print was near impossible. By following a careful workflow the myriad of variables could be harmoniously managed and an accurate print could be created.

Digital optimization requires the same attention to detail to create a predictable print. Ignoring proper sequence in digital optimization will unlikely share the same disastrous effect it would have in the darkroom but it can have an adverse affect on the final output. By creating a flexible workflow that reflects individual needs one can avoid unnecessary image degradation and insure the quality of data that goes to the printer.

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Fashion, History and Understanding

Fashion photography. Yet these are often missed or overlooked by new photographers in the field or those fresh out of school. I’ll never forget my first photography class, we were asked to to give a reason why we decided to pursue fashion photography.  Many students couldn’t come up with a reason. The most common one was “oh fashion photography seems cool”, or “I get to shoot beautiful models and do whatever I want”. Needless to say after the first three weeks into our semester half the class dropped out after finding out that fashion photography isn’t all that meets the eye. A lot of hard work goes into making that ever so perfect image which master photographers make seem all too easy.

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