The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd


Fashion, History and Understanding

Fashion photography. Yet these are often missed or overlooked by new photographers in the field or those fresh out of school. I’ll never forget my first photography class, we were asked to to give a reason why we decided to pursue fashion photography.  Many students couldn’t come up with a reason. The most common one was “oh fashion photography seems cool”, or “I get to shoot beautiful models and do whatever I want”. Needless to say after the first three weeks into our semester half the class dropped out after finding out that fashion photography isn’t all that meets the eye. A lot of hard work goes into making that ever so perfect image which master photographers make seem all too easy.

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The Best Fashion Photography Career Advice You’ll Ever Get


If you are a young fashion photographer or stylist trying to break into the fashion industry, you’re likely feeling frustrated right about now. For all artists, out there the path to success and financial security is fraught with uncertainty, and there is no sure-fire business plan that will light the way and no straightforward strategy that will lighten the load. We can completely sympathize! And if you’re just starting out, you’re likely facing one of the most difficult professional periods in your life – that critical moment when you get on your feet and get the ball rolling. We’re here to help you make the most of it. Here is our list of ultimate career advice for aspiring fashion photographers, stylists, makeup artists and anyone else working in the fashion industry. Here Goes!

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Paint Paint Everywhere

Painting over your prints is actually a stunning way to spice up boring pictures. Just place transparency sheets over your photo, and paint away. There are a million ways to use art in your photography, and make your editorial sing. Don’t shy away from being experimental.

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Remembering the Magical Work of Photographer Rodney Smith

1 Month ago by NATALIA BORECKA – A girl after my own heart.

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Let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about what copyright is and if it is free…..

If you are hired or paid as a photographer, the person hiring you only gets a permission or licence to use the images. They don't own copyright and, can't stop you from using them for marketing purposes if this is made clear in your terms and conditions. Which in mine it is.

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