The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd


Thriving on emotive direction

The feelings of anticipation sometimes before you start work, getting a sense of what a project could become the, the emotional response; when aiming at bringing something alive, it could be joy, sadness, guilt, lust, anger all these emotions can be used to create.

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Photographic Inspiration

Do you feel stuck with the same old boring photoshoot ideas? We don’t blame you! If you’re a fashion photographer it’s tough to constantly come up with creative new concepts that will blow everyone away, and get your work published. Even the most brilliant photographers start to creatively burn out eventually. We hear you, and we’ve decided to answer you prayers. Below we have compiled an inspirational list of ideas to help fuel your next (totally unique and not-like-all-the-others) photoshoot. Very often inspiration hides in the unlikeliest places, and who said it always has to be a tribute to photographers Tim Walker or Paolo Roversi? A sad melody, the way the moon is reflected in a sidewalk puddle or even the way the sunlight spills into your kitchen, good ideas are everywhere, tucked under even the most mundane every-day experiences.

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Great words by Chase Jarvis

Here is a list of 10 things I’ve learned the hard way that every photographer, designer, creative–hell, every creative person–should know.

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Get Used to Hearing “No”

I have been working with a lot of students lately, they ask lots of questions about success, and what they need to do.

One answer I always give them “is be true to your identity.

Second answer, be the best you can be and work hard.

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Understanding its not easy

I know how hard it is to become a professional photographer; I was one of those people that was an amateur over a long period of my life, switching between manual and automatic settings and lacking the knowledge to apply my creative idea properly, restricting my soul. With passion for photographic film, old cinematic films and art. The magnetic pull to what could be done to create a scene, an image, and to get a reaction from the onlooker. I have followed my heart, went back to study, graduated and following my dream. Doing it properly, and I am excited, with a spark that has ignited a brand new sort of zeal to my creative juices.

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