The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd


Why using a professional is important?

I was speaking to a group of business owners at a local networking meeting in Oxfordshire where media individuals such as myself were invited. The conversations were varied but one stuck out and that was between a journalist, a PR company, video content company, a restaurant and myself.

The questions came up about why choose a professional photographer rather than a local amateur who think he knows everything, or someone who is cheap, or having the attitude it is just a shot? What makes the difference?

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So, you are thinking about giving up on your creative stance? Don’t!

If you turn back the clock a decade ago, you’ll find me in the following situation: I’m sitting at my parents’ kitchen table, explaining to them that I’ve decided to drop out of the real traditional working world getting paid every month and become a professional photographer. In addition to being a tough conversation with my mother, this was perhaps the biggest turning point in my career and my life. It was the moment where I walked away from what I was told I “should” do and committed myself to building a career around my passion: creativity. But first going to Egypt diving for time out, this was the start of my life changing.

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Start 2017 watching these videos…..

There's a common misconception that artists have a monopoly on creativity. This is from a great artist, Photographer that you need to read about, and see his 30 days blog video’s from some amazing business people below….As a photographer myself….I have watched all of the videos, and they have inspired me!!

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