The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd

Paint Paint Everywhere

Painting over your prints is actually a stunning way to spice up boring pictures. Just place transparency sheets over your photo, and paint away. There are a million ways to use art in your photography, and make your editorial sing. Don’t shy away from being experimental.

Warping Reality

Sometimes all you need is a little change in perspective. Why not add a magnifying glass, coloured filters, layers of textured glass, or just change the angle from which you take the picture. Anything that adds depth and dimension, and changes the way we would normally view the model.

Random Objects

Step one: Put real stuff on prints of your photographs, step two: photograph your photograph. Instant art! You can get creative with this idea, experimenting with different objects, textures and fluids to achieve images that are truly unique. Pay a visit to your local mall, and try to spot as many unconventional, and weirdly photogenic objects as possible.

The Beauty of Nap Time

How about doing a fashion shoot inspired by the single most beautiful thing on this planet? Sleep! Wrap your beautiful model in some pyjamas, throw her on a bed and tell her to pose to her dream’s content. We guarantee you that your model will never be happier about another photoshoot.

Nancy Drew

Murder, mystery, ghostly apparitions, paired with killer pin-curls and 50s-inspired wardrobe makes for an amazing fashion photoshoot idea. Just look at those incredible jewel tones. Nancy Drew was a big deal between the 1950s and 70s, she was kind of like the original Harry Potter without the magic (unless you count her super-human problem solving skills as magic). The point here is, don’t just go for the obvious photoshoot options, do something different and unexpected!

Natural Light Geometry

Keep your eyes open to the magnificent natural light around you, and use it – even if it means having to shoot for multiple days just to catch that perfect 6pm ray of sunlight streaming through your bathroom window. It’ll take time, but your photos will thank you for it.

Plant Play

Find a giant beautiful plant and find creative ways for your model to pose with it. Large plants make for a bright and interesting element in photos, and you can find them on every corner (especially if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with large tropical plants like the one above left). Also, the more awkward the model’s posing the better. In fact, we insist on it.

Puddle Reflections

During bright days, right after it has rained really hard, water acts as a natural mirror against a dark pavement. If you angle it just right, it can even create a natural double exposure effect. It makes for stunning photo opportunities. Imagine the visual effect of having your model pose between the sky above, and the sky reflected below. In case you can’f find a puddle big enough, a small one will do. Just get down low and the illusion of distance will make your small puddle look like a lake (check out this tutorial here). The middle photo above was taken with a tiny puddle no larger than two feet. No photographer should miss out on this magical photo-op