The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd

Photographic Inspiration

Ugly Is Pretty, Bad Is Good

Stop trying to make your models into glamazons all the time. Let them be themselves, unruly, imperfect and human. The fantasy of fashion is wonderful, but sometimes simplicity and imperfection is refreshing. Try a shoot with no makeup and hair styling. Better yet, try using intentionally ugly clothing.

When You Love Your Job This Much Its A Photoshoot Idea

Fact: Most people hate their jobs and would never think of producing a photoshoot dedicated to their work. But that’s exactly what makes this photoshoot idea so brilliant! They’ll never see it coming. If you think about it, your work is an excellent subject for a picture series. It’s where we spend most of our lives. Your models could take the roles of disgruntled office workers, a nerdy physicist locked up in her laboratory, or fashion bloggers looking comfortable (a little too comfortable?) at home. Or you could dedicate a photoshoot to fashion photography itself and make the photographer the subject of your picture. Models posing as photographers posing as models.

Motion Blur

Place yourself at a high vantage point over-looking a busy street on an overcast day, and shoot your model standing still among the busy crowd. When styling your model be sure to use bright bold colours not typically found on people, like yellow, hot pink and orange. Or else you can just have her dance in your studio. Either way, the results can be surprisingly poetic.

Vintage Cowgirls Anyone?

What could be more delightful? It’s cute, it’s playful and it’s unexpected. Perhaps this is partially since fashion photography is having a very minimalistic moment that overly stylized shoots are not as popular as they once were. But you’re no sheep, you’re a fashion wolf and you march to the beat of your own drummer! Create something cool with a quirky motif.

Photography Gets Illustrated

To be sure, there’s nothing easy about achieving this effect. But nothing worth doing ever is. Get creative by transforming your photos into sketches. Some useful tips here: shoot your model from as far back as possible, zooming in with your lens. This will effectively “flatten” your photograph and make your model easier to transform into a sketch.

Jet Set Chic Photoshoot Idea

This photoshoot idea is aspirational as hell, and in truth that’s how most photographers shoot it – all glamorous and aspirational. What would happen if you turned this theme on it’s head and shot it from the perspective of how rough travel can be. Who travels in heels anymore anyway?

Luna Lady: To the Moon and Back

Though there’s nothing original about this photoshoot idea, the moon can still provide a lot of fuel for your creative fire. It can be interpreted in a million ways, from a sleek futurism, to a sparkling gothy story. You can choose to use the light blue and grey colours of the moon as inspiration for a dreamy portrait shoot, or you can structure a whole editorial around Diana, goddess of the moon. The create things you can do with this theme is endless.