The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd

Photographic Inspiration

Collage Your Heart Out

Collage your heart our

Think back to a time before Photoshop and the ability to cut and paste digitally, way back when you had to use an actual pair of scissors and glue to refashion an image. We still believe there’s nothing quite like it. You can always tell when a photographer tried to imitate a real collage digitally, it just never looks the same. It’s missing that incredible three-dimensionality you only get when you layer, for real layer paper on top of paper. Try it, and see for yourself how beautiful it can be.

Taking a Stand for Something

Taking a stand for something

Political and social issues very very rarely inspire fashion editorials, there’s just nothing aspirational or glamorous about socio-political issues, and 99.9% of fashion editors insist that is what fashion should be – luxury, glamour, and $dollars$. It’s a real shame because, except for movies, no other form of media gets as much air-time as photography. We know we know, most fashion photographers get into the business because it’s fun to be creative, but wouldn’t it be cool to make a social stand while making art?