The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd


One thing I have learnt overtime that the most important part of my kit, which is probably overlooked by many photographers is shoes. None of us look after our feet enough. That goes for men too! We go through allsorts, literally, in our soles.

Good shoes are essential. You can afford to create blisters, bunions or other problems. It is about not only keeping your feet healthy, but also keeping you on your feet.  Our feet were made for walking and that is what we do a lot. As photographers, we are on our feet 80% of the time.

What’s important in our line of duty is not being flashy but being professional. Shell out that extra wad of cash for some leather uppers that you can wear in or a custom pair of fitted shoes. They are a blessing in disguise when worn in, especially when shooting at a 12-hour wedding.