The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd

Thriving on emotive direction

The feelings of anticipation sometimes before you start work, getting a sense of what a project could become the, the emotional response; when aiming at bringing something alive, it could be joy, sadness, guilt, lust, anger all these emotions can be used to create.

Your state of mind, the arousal of compelling emotional enactment; a cerebral response that can be applied to your work. It is not the stimulation that matters, it is the response to under pin the greater idea.

Every piece of me is driven by a desire for creative prowess that has a profound honest and worthwhile creative endeavor, with a Marxist view providing objectification of one’s individuality.

I am relentlessly curious and an innate love of old films. I watch life go by in stills and look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. I watch how light can be transposed to create something different.

Story telling like the old films is what connects people today, raw, reactive emotions brought up by what you see. Illustrative feelings inside the onlooker brought to the fore by what visually strikes a chord with the subconscious.

There is storyteller fragmentation today in advertising within the narrative of the message in an image and what it is supposed to say needs to be more powerful than ever.

Some photographers just want to make money and forget story telling. The reason why people react is because they can place themselves with a product, or garment and visualise what it will be used for, or whom they will buy it for.

I am here to inspire, with a genuine desire to add clarity, unique point of difference for clients of all kinds. A desire to truly answer a brief that comes from the boardroom, and being committed to create an unexpected outcome that gets not only results but unexpected reactions that stay in people’s minds.