The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd

What I have lived by so far….Part 1

We can all take control of our lives and succeed. Life does not come with a manual, I wish it did but?. Most people struggle through life and wonder why they never get anywhere, there are no hard fasten rules written any where in the stars, but on the contrary maybe in your heart but you are not following it?

I realised a long time ago my life is mine to command. But becoming successful is not easy; otherwise more people would be successful.
To achieve success you will have to change. If you are not successful then you are doing something wrong. One of the hardest things any of us is to admit when we are wrong, even to ourselves.
I have learnt through the path of getting where I am today is due to my inner courage to be really honest with myself. My life was not going where I wanted it to go, and I have not loved what I have been doing for so long, and wanted to put it right. Success is right, failure is wrong when life is short.

Success is different to everyone, but let’s call it as we see it. When you look at the bubble you are in and what surrounds you whether it is your industry, your career, the sports you play, hobbies whatever field you’re in? There are fundamentals to achieving success, regardless of the measure.

Part 2

There are universal rudiments that are undeniably the same no matter what you do. So here’s a list of 10 things that I am doing right now – Go ahead try it out….

1. Stop Procrastinating!!

Being an analyst, procrastinating, and wondering are tools for the idler. People you speak to don’t care about what has almost happened, or what your problems are or why something is wrong. What they care about is what is, where and when and what will be. Make Stuff Happen!.
My philosophy is amateurs sit around scratching their arse. Emerging photographers are hungry, and want the green grass beneath their feet! Professionals! Do do do! I want to feel the dewy grass under my feet and do do do it!
We become closed due to what we fear, the unknown, but if we don’t try and try and try again we won’t succeed the greatest of all; happiness. We can’t be half hearted and stop when it gets to hard, keeping going I say!

2. Never give up!

The amount of times people have not reacted to what I wanted them too or photographers say to you, “you are not pro yet”, or “you have so far to go yet”, and “its not easy”. Of course it isn’t easy; no I am not a pro yet but I am going to be, and I am not going to be put off!! Never let other pessimistic views get to you! Forge forward with what you think defines your style, it is totally up to how the audience perceives it, and don’t forget it is very subjective.

3. Your mind, your set of laws.

The law of attraction is subjective with an image that defines what you require of your own point view. But in addition it is those who you admire add to the equation, creating optimism and metal attitude that leads to a positive state of mind with regards to you work. There are many paths we can go on, or open and close many doors. Fight off the wasps that sting, if anyone starts to be negative urn your head high and walk away. Let the humble bees that surround you like a honey pot be your energy.

4. We are not alone of this ride…

We are not alone on our journey? It is important to connect with interesting people to collaborate with, the best people you can find. Actually don’t settle for second best, the ones you can instantly click with are the best to grasp. It is important to involve others to bounce off, to produce your work, create your career, your life. It will entail others taking to you and what you do. Once you identify them, don’t let them go.
Don’t use them for a short stint to get where you want to go, give and take is the name of the game, cultivate those relationships and those supportive people with you – figuratively and literally – on your journey.
Good people tend to attract other good people. It’s hard to ride a Harley to its peek performance when it has a Honda engine. Don’t let social vampires create a black hole for creativity and inspiration. Chose the people you hang with carefully, don’t let them bleed you of your aspirations because it does not fit in with their thoughts, control, processes or ideas. They are afraid of what you can achieve. Believe in yourself and your gut feeling when choosing ali’s.

5. Don’t stop educating yourself

Ok, we have all attended school, college, university, or been on a course, or self taught photography but don’t think all this gives you the edge, or gives you eye for composition and so on, don’t get complacent.
Think again. Don’t keep fooling yourselves. Life everyday is education in this game, trialling the ideas, the lighting, the models, stumbling upon the inopportune moment where you may capture only one image; it could be your best work. You make mistakes but sometimes they create something amazing. You direct your own edification, practice, practice and practice. Have a routine for lighting, organising, managing so when you when you create something from set up that was amazing, write it down or draw upon your own methodology to re create what you have done for one client again for another. But if you can’t remember what you did to create something this is not good practice. To have great fundamentals in place knowing the technical parts of photography, allows you to then break the rules.

6. Your mind and heart gives you the answers

We all must look inside ourselves for success. To find the reasons why we do what we do, to create our visions. The answers are in inside you, not out there.

7. Don’t underestimate the fundamentals. Know your craft.

Vision and big-picture-thinking are important, but not at the expense of the fundamentals. You’ve got know the nuts and bolts of what your doing. Skip this item at your own risk.

8. Take a deep breath.

Life, work, art can be hard. Anxiety – not to be confused with the positive stress of deadlines and forced production schedules – is counter productive. So when shit is getting hairy, take a breath. Everything is going to be okay. When you re-center, see #1.

9. Celebrate small wins

I have learnt the hard way, beating myself up for not getting no where fast, but I have been learning putting what I learned in a class to practice out side in the real world, and I had to take a reality check.
Yes, admit that everything you are doing is for the greater good but don’t let is all be become over whelming. It is not supposed to turn into a chore, you need to have fun that is why you turned to something you love and yes, it can be hard. Never ending ideas, lists of things to do, feeling like you getting no where as you can’t see money coming in, only going out in the early stages.
Jo Duck another photographer taught me to make the small wins large. Even if you are not getting paid, but commissioned to do work for experience. They wouldn’t ask if they did not think you were on your way to becoming great or did not like your work celebrate successes, and show off your work, or when you have got through tough challenges with frustrations and a good outcome, celebrate.
Chase Jarvis another photographer said “Stay up all night when the ideas are flowing, because you can. Enjoy the process, because from moment to moment, the process is reason for the season – it’s all you’ve got. If you don’t take delight, your career will be short, either by choice or by fate”.
I now live by this.

10. Take time out and be still

Being busy over enthused, creating or having adventures are good, and over working yourself seems like you are achieving. But really you succumb to false interpretation in your unconsciousness of success. You are actually decreasing your flow of creativity in your right cerebral cortex where the most important part of creativity gets created. You need time to conceptualise and present new idea to yourself, to take time and think what you could have done better in a job you have taken on, or about how well you have done something and how to make it better. It is better to be the creative one that sounds out, rather than just knowing all the technical parts of photography and not having the ability to be creative.

11. Don’t become complacent like others

I have learnt in my transition period from a fall time job in another profession into the photography industry, here is a lot of complacency, people putting down others work, thinking they are better than the next but forgetting how they got to the top, and who could wave at them on the way down. Not giving their time to help or pass on their knowledge without being defensive. I hasten to say not all photographer sin in our industry, just a small few I have met, or tried to get assisting work with, or simply heard about from a third party. I am sure these people have their reasons?

But it seems to be a game of ‘me’, I am going to stay on top!. It’s all about ‘me’. Well, contrary to what it might seem, success isn’t just about me. What comes with Victory also comes failure.
There are but a few people in this industry who achieve success and are inclined to help others with vigour in the hearts and mind knowing we all have our own defined paths. And no matter what we learn, it depends what we do with the knowledge. It is an old fashioned way of thinking in my mind; a person should be given the knowledge through apprenticeship, not to be worn down, used or not taught what they came to learn, giving up their valuable time to help you to get nothing or little back.

A very successful photographer has said recently and I am sure the masters would be proud to hear what he said “those with success should cultivate understanding, humility, compassion, and your network – not to mention, a better world. So don’t just reach up and pull yourself there. Be sure to reach sideways and down too, as often as you can muster. “ I agree with this sentiment.