The Wise Words of Lisa Lloyd

Working with mucisians

I have so far in my new career worked with, solo or groups producing, classical, rock, indie and pop music. I am about to work with a death metal band too. I used to be a lead singer myself for 4 years in London. I have an insight to the notes that get pulled on the heartstrings, and what it means to be a muso now matter what genre.


Weathered by the ups, downs, and the emotions that go with trying to be a perfectionist. The edgy lack of self-worth sometimes that we go through, and people under estimating your talent. Especially when it is subjective to the people listening rather than visually looking at an image.

I have an exciting time working with extremely talented and good looking bunches of people. I have also the fantastic opportunity and pleasure of meeting with some of those who are connected such Molly Meldrum, Australia’s music critic, record producer and entrepreneur. I am sure I am meant to meet many more people that are an inspiration to the music scene here in Australia, and hopefully elsewhere in the world.

I feel that these musicals souls are such happy people when they play, I have listened and watch my own string quartets, bands practicing before their live gig, pianists playing so passionately and more. I have been that fly on the wall with a camera, before the audience appears. Capturing the real artists in flow of theirs talents before putting their cloaked persona on for the world to see.

I am privileged and I want to meet more musicians that will allow me to be a little part of their musical world, and trust me to capture who they really are.